Mr. Bryan Farr - Ottawa Actor

born May 17, 1943
height 5' 7
weight 145 pounds ( 5.9% body fat! )
hair grey
eyes hazel

very friendly, flexible and open minded

passionate, fun, professional and committed

incredibly physically fit


Film Experience
Title: Pulp Revelations (2009/2010)
Format: dramatic short
Role: supporting
Director: Carmelo Zucco
Character: homeless man

Title: News (2005)
Format: comedic short
Role: supporting
Director: David Shea
Character: George (newscaster)

Title: Answered Prayers (2004)
Format: comedic short
Role: Lead
Director: Anna Laperle
Character: Father


Title: Real (2004)
Format: dramatic supernatural short
Role: Supporting
Director: Dave Jaeggin
Character: Father's spirit

Title: Teen Massacre (2004)
Format: horror/comedy short film
Role: Secondary
Director: Jon Knautz
Character: Mad scientist

Title: Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace (2004)
Format: action/comedy/horror feature film
Role: Cameo
Director: Lee Demarbre
Character: The Tan Man

Title: S.O.S. (2003)
Format: music video
Role: Lead
Director: Jon Knautz
Character: Serial killer

Title: Piece of Mind (2003)
Format: dramatic feature film
Role: Cameo
Director: Dino Koutras
Character: Singing homeless man

Title: Reawakening (2003)
Format: 45 minute action/suspense film
Role: Secondary
Director: Andrew L. Smith
Character: Police lieutenant

Title: Buscando Sentido (Searching for Meaning)
Format: short dramatic film
Role: Supporting
Director: Cristina Usubiaga
Character: Redneck farmer

Title: Once Upon A Time In Suburbia (2002)
Format: dramatic feature film
Role: Secondary
Director: Dino Koutras
Character: Millitary-type of father

Title: Heart-Shaped Womb (2001)
Format: short experimental drama
Role: Supporting
Director: Scott Galley
Character: Surreal depiction of young boy's fears

Title: inTime (2001)
Format: short dramatic film
Role: Supporting
Director: Holly Bruns
Character: Dying elderly man

Other Performances and Skills
Character Modeling - Hemera Technologies Inc.
theatrical performances

"Bryan gave an amazing performance and dedication to the character. It was a pleasure working with him and I'll make sure we work together again in the future."
- Carmelo Zucco, Director, Pulp Revelations

"It was a pleasure working with him. It's clear he has worked on films before, his patience and professionalism definately showed."
- Jon Knautz, Director, Seismic Music Video
& Teen Massacre

"...a brilliant cameo. He had us rolling with laughter. It was a real treat!"

- Christina Usubiaga, Director, Searching for Meaning

"This guy is great. I loved working with him. He seems passionate about what he does and was
willing to work under adverse conditions."
- Scott Galley, Director, Heart Shaped Womb

"His respect for the role and the film rubbed off on everyone. It made for a very positive environment."
- Holly Bruns, Director, Falling

"Bryan brings three crucial elements to his craft: Commitment, Preparation, and Talent. I'm lucky to have worked with him."
- Dino Koutras, Director, Suburbia
Piece of Mind

Film Stills

Dino Koutra's feature Suburbia

Bryan reviewing Holly's script between takes

Death scene from Falling

Dream sequence from Heart Shaped Womb

He's got heart!

Bryan as the "tan man" during the filming of Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace

A scene from the S.O.S. music video for the band Seismic

John sets up the camera for close-up shot of Bryan

Bryan packs heat in the film Reawakening

As the homeless man in Piece of Mind

Answered Prayers

Pulp Revelations

For more information contact Bryan:

mobile: 613.282.8839