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FORMAT: 35mm, colour
RUNNING TIME: 5minutes
GENRE: collage/scratch animation
YEAR: 2004

A whirlwind tour of one of today's biggest thieves of time, and a closer look at a powerful and suggestive instrument that inescapably invades almost every household: commercial television.

turnoff is a subjugation of collected images from a passive medium.

Director/Producer: Bridget Farr
Director of Photography/Animator: Bridget Farr
Score: Graham Collins
Editor: Bridget Farr

European Media Arts Festival (Osnabreuck, Germany)
Revelation Perth International Film Festival (Perth, Australia)
Annual IFCO Gala (Ottawa, Canada)
Centertown Movies (Ottawa, Canada)
F4 (Seattle, USA)
23E Festival Tous Courts (Aix-en-Provence, France)
Victoria Independent Film & Video Festival (British Columbia, Canada)
Herland Film & Video Festival (Calgary, Canada)
Festival Internazionale del Cinema d’Arte (Bergamo, Italy)
Himom Film Festival (Carrboro, NC, USA)
9th Ismailia International Film Festival (Giza, Egypt)
• The Mayfair Theatre's Grand Re-Opening (Ottawa, Canada)

"TV is a constant source of inspiration for experimental, found footage and politically oriented works...and here's another great example. In classic found footage style the idea here is not to comment on the images per-se but let the images speak for and damn themselves. Using sometimes the entire screen, using at other times only certain parts of the screen this Turnoff has a very nice rhythm to it and one which will look and sound great on the big screen. We like this one...it says plenty without saying anything."

- Selection Committee, Revelation Perth International Film Festival

"The standout of the bunch came from local photographer/filmmaker Bridget Farr whose 5-1/2-minute cultural critique, turnoff (35mm, colour), recharges the re-run issue of television brainwashing. Beginning with a dreary quote about power and obedience from techno-prophet Neil Postman, Farr overloads our cerebral cortex with familiar images from TV commercials.
We see half a dozen women smilingly washing their hair in slow motion, kids smilingly ingesting crackers, creams and candy, and all kinds of other smiling people cut and pasted into a beautiful, hyper-colourful moving collage. Perhaps better than the visuals is the drumbeat soundtrack: cold, digital and repetitive, like the boob tube itself. This film has been around the world and back, so try not to miss it next week."
- Stuart Trew, The Ottawa Xpress, July 14, 2005

The artist would like to acknowledge the generous support of
The Canada Council for the Arts, The Ontario Arts Council, The City of Ottawa and the Independent Filmmakers Cooperative of Ottawa.