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f a r r o u t ..films
nobody's nothing
arm's length
now serving

the space
between us

all i ever
white linen

FORMAT: 16mm, colour
RUNNING TIME: 14minutes
GENRE: experimental documentary
YEAR: 2002

The experience of urban verses rural spaces as perceived from the intimate perspective of a cyclist. area[code] documents Canadian spaces as the filmmaker cycled from coast to coast. The final film is a mixture of moving and still imagery that was collected along the way and sewn together to recreate the diverse Canadian communities that currently exist.

Director/Producer: Bridget Farr
Director of Photography: Bridget Farr
Director's Assistant: Marcilyn Cianfarani
Original Score: Graham Collins
Editor: Bridget Farr

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Brooklyn International Film Festival - Spirit Award

Bytowne Cinema - 10th Annual Independent Filmmaker's Cooperative of Ottawa
Canadian Museum of Nature - Ottawa Film Society (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Movieside Film Festival 2002 (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival 2003 (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)
2003 Brampton Indie Arts Festival (Brampton, Ontario, Canada)
41st Ann Arbor Film Festival (Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA)
$100 Film Festival (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
European Media Arts Festival 2003 (Osnabrück, Germany)
Brooklyn International Film Festival (Brooklyn, New York, USA)
Light Plays Tricks Film Festival (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)
SAW Gallery - 2003 Fringe Festival (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Ladyfest 2003 - (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Prends ça court! Short Film Festival (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
Planet in Focus (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Morbegno Film Festival (Morbegno, Italy)
MicroCineFest 2003 (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
EMAF International Selection Tour Programme - invited (screenings in Germany, Poland, France, Great Britian, Canada, USA, Mexico and Columbia)
IFCO REEL Thursdays (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

"...in her latest work area[code]...[Farr] juxtaposes timeless, postcard-perfect images...told through beautiful scenery, clever, perceptive visual links and small narrative reminders. The effect is at once intoxicating and eyeopening, even humorous at times. Farr, 28, is hardly a picture of the tortured artist, she's more like a clever activist who has a keen sense of how to get her message across."
- Fateema Sayani - Editor-in-chief of the Ottawa XPress
The Ottawa XPress
July 25, 2002

The artist would like to acknowledge the generous support of the
Canada Council for the Arts, The Ontario Arts Council, the City of Ottawa and
the Independent Filmmakers Cooperative of Ottawa.